CONTINENTAL® has been designing, manufacturing and selling wholesale to the imprintables industry since 1994. We were the innovators of the wholesale baby doll t-shirt in Europe and continue to lead the way in terms of innovation and design.

With our main operations in London and Germany, we opened showrooms in Turin and Tokyo in 2009. Our focus has always been and will continue to be on creating high quality, expertly styled garments for markets such as music merchandise, fashion, corporate promotions and athletics.

Global Vision

We now offer a global solution to our customers merchandizing needs, with continuity of garments across the world. For example, with worldwide tours we can assist with the import of your T-shirts into major touring destinations such as New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Moscow or elsewhere, via our international network of offices. For fashion companies, we can help launch your brands into foreign markets, and save you time and money on shipping and import costs, by allowing you to produce identical product lines close to local markets. For global consumer brands, we can help by allowing you to plan worldwide promotional campaigns, using identical product sourced easily within each territory.

Mission Statement & Mission

Radical innovation often originates from small to medium sized businesses. Continental Clothing has continually innovated within its industry sector, forcing change by dominant brands in a multi-billion dollar industry. Now the company has created an opportunity to force positive change in business ethics and environmental practises in one of the world's most environmentally damaging industries, and to profit from it. To demonstrate that sustainability can confere competitive advantage and profitability - is the surest way to inspire change. Our vision is an entire industry in low carbon corporate wear, work wear, promotional wear and leisure wear, built upon fundemental principles of sustainable production and socially positive supply chain management. Our mission now is to turn our customers, our competitors customers, from all industry sectors, onto the products and services that we offer now and will continue to develop in the future. Continental® is a privately owned company. That means as, our founders and owners Phil Charles y Paul Hughes say, "We get to do whatever we want". And what we want to do – the reason we are now in business – is to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. That’s our mission. “When we started focusing on what was going on outside our business, instead of looking inward, we began to open our eyes, and see things as they really are. When we started learning about organic agriculture, environmental destruction and climate change, we began to take down our own barriers, and there is no going back. Now we understand that we have been given a unique and very special opportunity to lead by example and show an entire industry, (the promotional garment industry) an industry currently in denial, how to protect the planet while growing their businesses in a sustainable manner and still making a profit. It’s a remarkable position to be in.” To achieve our mission, and to stay on track, we’ve chosen a set of five guidelines (inspired by Patagonia – one of the most admirable companies we know, and a mentor to us.)

  • 1. Lead an examined life. Know the consequences of our actions. Much of the damage to the environment is done either unintentionally, through ignorance, or by willfully ignoring the chain of decisions that lead to bad results.
  • 2. Clean up our act. Once we understand the results of our actions, change them.
  • 3. Do our penance. No matter how much we clean up our act, we are still polluters, we must account for this.
  • 4.Support grass roots environmental groups. We support grass roots activist groups working on the front lines. They are the most effective agents of change in our democracy. We chose the Environmental Justice Foundation, as a very relevant organisation to the cotton industry.
  • 5. Influence other companies. Lead by example and show the way. Educate, inspire, motivate. Make the best product, do no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis, and work where we can achieve the most.

Corporate Values

Continental Clothing actively pursues the highest standards of corporate social responsibility, which is reflected in its corporate values:

We are committed to conducting our dealings in an ethical manner, by complying with all laws and acting in a transparent and socially responsible way.
We will continue to develop high value-adding services to provide to our customers and to benefit our suppliers; and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.
We are committed to adopting the highest professional standards in our operations.
We will continuously pursue fresh approaches and ideas in marketing and product development to be applied throughout the supply chain.
We encourage and assist the entire supply chain to adopt environmentally sustainable and ethical production methods.

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