No Label T-shirts

Continental garments have a plain size label in the back neck and a logo on the inside wash/care label.

This means that you do not have to go to the an expensive and time consuming effort of cutting out these often unsightly brand labels, to make the garments your own.

We have never put our logo in to the necks of our T-shirts. We feel that after you have bought a T-shirt from us, it no longer belongs to us; it becomes your garment, printed with your name, your logo or your design; your proud acquisition, and we are happy with that.

Note - Our Continental® wash care labels are stitched into the inner side seam of the garment, in recognition of our quality. And you can identify garments by the style code number printed at the bottom on the reverse of the wash care label in the inside side seam e.g. CCC-N02

EarthPositive garments have a back neck label with size, the EarthPositive “Tick” symbol and the wording “Climate Neutral”. The inside wash/care label has the EP and low carbon logos.

Salvage garments have a back neck label with size, the Salvage “Links” symbol and the wording “100% Recycled”. The inside wash/care label has the Salvage logo and certification marks. All the wash/care labels carry the FWF symbol except the products made in China.


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